• Image of Chasing Optimum
  • Image of Chasing Optimum
  • Image of Chasing Optimum
  • Image of Chasing Optimum
  • Image of Chasing Optimum

About the Print:
Chasing Optimum
Lino cut
Hand burnished(rubbed) onto Shouji washi (Japanese printmaking paper)
Image size: 40 x 40cm
Paper: 46 x 46cm
Edition of 10 (2nd run, printed with a blend of thalo blue and sepia inks)
Printed, signed, numbered and stamped by Simon Fowler.

The price is temporarily reduced in order to raise money for exhibition activities later in 2018.

About the album:
Exciting news: 2019 sees the second full length release (for the 1st, look for Melting Life, to be released in August this year) from Simon Fowler. Titled ‘Chasing Optimum’, Simon takes inspiration from Christopher Priest’s 1974 science fiction novel, ‘Inverted World’ and dives deep. Serendipitous events have shaped this project into something that needs to be shared... Expect vast beams of drones and forlorn ambience to fill the space.

Guests on the album so far include Lori Goldston (Earth, Black Cat Orchestra, Nirvana), Deepak Raghu (Shepherd) and Simons brother, Tom Fowler (Remote Viewing, Pale Horse), with more to be added.

We are about halfway through the recording and production process, with the artwork all done. If you would like to be involved, please buy this ‘Supporters Print’. This includes a 40cm x 40cm handmade print + CD or FLAC/WAV/MP3 of the album (with exclusive extras) delivered on release date. You will also be included in the liner notes as a contributor, cemented in annals of history forevermore! In the mean time enjoy the print!