Bundle of M(H)STERIA'S 'Family Drug' CD and print.

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Eight colour A1 print on 280gsm card of M(H)YSTERIA's 'Family Drug' by Simon Fowler.

Signed, dated, and numbered.

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CD details:

M(h)ysteria: "Family Drug"

1) Road Rage (12:02)
2) Family Drug (16:50)
3) Crumbs War (8:56)

Total length: 37:53

Giovanni Di Domenico: Hammond organ
Laurens Smet: Electric bass
Jakob Warmenbol: Drums

Tracks 1) and 3) composed by Giovanni Di Domenico, track 2) composed by M(h)ysteria

Recorded in Studio Grez, Brussels, in september 2015
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Giovanni Di Domenico
Artwork and design by Simon Fowler

Release date: January 11th, 2017

“Family Drug” is the premiere recordings of M(h)ysteria, a new trio founded by Giovanni Di Domenico.

While featuring the instrumentation of a classic organ trio, M(h)ysteria charges a rather darker path. Not a swinging session, this is an expression of coping with the chronic tensions of modern daily life, with its inherent distractions and mounting stress, as well as a larger feeling of foreboding. Its sound a symptom of a future glittering with menace.

Keeping the roles of the instruments constantly fluid, the band members push and support each other through Di Domenico’s compositions and an extended spontaneous piece, with the end results reflecting the openness of jazz, the complexity of prog and the noise and eruptions of improv. “Family Drug” places – finally – the Hammond organ where it belongs: Front and center of new and creative music making.

Giovanni Di Domenico: Pianist and composer, born in Rome, currently living in
Brussels. Frequent collaborator of Jim O’Rourke, Akira Sakata, Tetuzi Akiyama,
Chris Corsano and Arve Henriksen. He is also a founder of the label, Silent Water.

Laurens Smet: Bass player and composer from Antwerp, Belgium. Graduated
from the Antwerp conservatory and already a well established part of the
Belgium / European free jazz scene, playing in many contexts and projects like
Ifa y Xango,Bambi Pang Pang, Boelheart, Laurens Smet’ Antwerp Stock Trade,
just to name a few.

Jakob Warmenbol: Drummer and graduate of the Antwerp conservatory where he
studied with Teun Verbruggen. Active since his early teens, he is now a member of
Leksak, Ridiculum and The Unrevealed Society and has performed with Greg Cohen,
John Hollenbeck, Joachim Badenhorst and many others.